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3 Ways to Keep Your Water-Cooled Chiller Running Efficiently

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Your chiller is an important component in your HVAC system and it is a piece of equipment you should keep a watchful eye on. If your chiller breaks down then you face the threat of your entire system overheating. The chiller removes heat from water and continuously cycles the chilled water through the heat exchanger or the condenser coils in the air handling unit.Tips on running your chiller efficiently

Here are 3 ways to help protect and maintain your chiller:


1)      Keep a scheduled operating report

Proper note taking about maintenance work, repairs, and replacements is one of the best ways to prevent equipment breakdowns. It helps you determine trends in the chillers’ operation and it will help you avoid problems by staying on top of maintenance tasks. You should keep a log of the task performed, the technician who performed it, the date, and any notes about the work performed or the condition of the chiller.

2)      Keep tubes clean

If the evaporator and condenser tubes are dirty or clogged then it will affect the performance of the chiller. Chillers transfer heat efficiently when the tubes are clean; keeping them clean will improve the chiller’s performance and lower your energy costs.

3)      Check and inspect oil and refrigerants

The oil and refrigerants in your chiller should undergo a chemical analysis once a year to detect contamination problems. Contaminates may include acids, metals, or moisture that can reduce the efficiency of the chiller. You will need to get the oil and refrigerants tested by a lab that specializes in HVAC equipment or you can have a professional HVAC maintenance company perform the inspection.

These are 3 things you can do to keep your chiller working and protect your HVAC system from overheating. If you have trouble, or lack the time and technical know-how to perform these tasks, then your best option is start a routine HVAC maintenance plan with a professional HVAC service company. Preventative maintenance plans test and inspect all the components of your HVAC system, provide reports, and can include IAQ testing and repairs and replacements.

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Dave Morrison is the General Manager at Intelligent Comfort Solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial HVAC maintenance, repair, installation, and indoor air quality improvement. He prides himself on finding the best HVAC solution for your business, and building a lasting relationship that your business can depend on. Dave is known for his open and honest communication and his friendly top notch customer service.

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