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4 Things To Look At When It Comes To Hvac Maintenance

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It doesn’t matter where you have your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit. You still want to make sure you are properly maintaining your system. Here are a few things you want to go over when you are looking into HVAC Maintenance, as well as little bits of information you will want to know.

hvac maintenance

Commercial HVAC services – If you are looking for a service that focuses on commercial HVAC units, you will want to check just a few things.

Make sure you have the option for a customized service plan.


  •  Check for something that is cost effective and isn’t too pricey.


  • Make sure there is priority service. This way if there is a break down with your unit, someone will be there ASAP to fix it. You don’t want to be left in the cold weather if your commercial heating system goes down!


Properly maintaining your commercial HVAC system


  • With proper HVAC maintenance, you can extend the life of your commercial heating system. So when you are looking for a company to service your commercial HVAC system, make sure they are going to go over every little bit of it that is needed.


  • Check and see if the company offers any hassle-free scheduled checkups. This way you can make sure they are going over anything and everything that needs to be checked. This will help your unit last longer as well as give you the best options for HVAC maintenance.


Make sure the company you are looking into services your area

  • . You don’t want to choose a company that will only go to Woodbridge and Vaughan. If you move to King City in the future, you will want to check and see if the company you choose goes there.


  • Otherwise, you will have to do research in the future as well. People stay with companies they like. It wouldn’t be fun to have to go through finding a great HVAC maintenance company again.


Look at customer ratings

  • The company you choose should have great customer reviews. Customers will tell you if the company you are looking at does their job well or if they aren’t the best company to go to. They might also offer advice on the best company to go for.


  • There are so many reasons to make sure you are maintaining your HVAC unit. The reasons listed above are all wonderful reasons and of course there are more. Do you have any suggestions?


  • There are obviously several reasons to keep up with your HVAC maintenance as well as reasons some companies are better than others. What companies have you tried? Which do you like and which do you not like?


 “Intelligent Comfort Solutions” serves many different areas! That is very rare to find! What other companies have you heard of that do this? There aren’t that many!


Hopefully this article helped you make your decisions on which companies you should look into!

Dave Morrison is the General Manager at Intelligent Comfort Solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial HVAC maintenance, repair, installation, and indoor air quality improvement. He prides himself on finding the best HVAC solution for your business, and building a lasting relationship that your business can depend on. Dave is known for his open and honest communication and his friendly top notch customer service.

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