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Commercial HVAC system Maintenance in Toronto

Commercial HVAC system

Commercial buildings account for over 19% of the energy consumed in the United States. In Canada, energy consumption in the commercial sector accounts for almost 17% of overall energy use and almost 13% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. According to Natural Resources Canada, “more than half of the energy produced is lost.”A Commercial HVAC system is comprised of the Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning systems in commercial buildings. These mechanical systems provide thermal, or heating, comfort and air-circulation and air-quality for indoor spaces. Components of HVAC systems can include air-conditioners, heat-pumps, furnaces, boilers, rooftop units, ‘chillers,’ and packaged systems. A building’s HVAC system—its lungs—encompasses components such as ductwork and air-handlers, which are essential to a system’s vitality and performance.

Nearly half the energy used by commercial buildings goes toward HVAC systems. There are many opportunities for owners and property managers to improve the operations and maintenance of existing buildings so that buildings are more energy efficient. Quality periodic maintenance and energy efficiency translate into contented commercial tenants because of improved comfort, health, and safety—and improved revenues for owners because of efficiently operating equipment without sudden emergency stoppages.

Customized Commercial HVAC system Services

At Intelligent Comfort Solutions, we tell our clients to envision their commercial and residential buildings as organic spaces, to treat a building itself as a living, breathing environment, always changing, never static. Living healthy in commercial buildings, our work-spaces, requires ongoing commitment to proactive HVAC maintenance and prevention.

Intelligent Comfort Solutions collaborates with you to customize a tailored strategy for HVAC optimization for your particular building’s tenants and residents in Toronto. A building is much more than four walls and a roof: it’s an interactive system of occupants and technologies. Each component—too much humidity, for example—influences or changes the interior dynamic of a building’s envelope, its contained interior space. Balance is essential.

We work carefully with you to ensure that all existing HVAC equipment is properly maintained, integrated, and balanced for optimal comfort for your tenants and residents. Healthy buildings have healthy occupants.