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Heating Maintenance

It’s another icy, snowy GTA winter day—and it’s only November. Your system has just broken down. No heat makes for pretty loud residents of your condominium; no heat means extremely dissatisfied commercial-space tenants. The warnings were there: you’ve not done any maintenance at all since assuming the property. Now what?

Your Choice

One of the most critical decisions that you will have to make as a facilities-manager or building-owner is just how much you will allocate for maintenance. The simple fact is that if you do not maintain your complex air-conditioning system, regardless of its age, then you will eventually—sooner than later, and definitely at the most inopportune time—suffer a significant service disruption. Service repairs at peak periods of high demand always cost more than an ongoing strategic maintenance plan will cost. Commercial tenants will definitely be unhappy. It’s your choice.


As part of our comprehensive regular maintenance plan, Intelligent Comfort Solutions monitors, diagnoses, and repairs and replaces substandard or failing equipment to keep your tenants cool and comfortable. Our team of specialized, licensed technicians perform the following—among many other—tests:

(1) Coil Cleaning: Examining and washing air-side coils to promote efficiency;

(2) Electrical Testing: Thorough examination of contactors and electrical parts, including motors;

(3) Filter-Cleaning: Inspection, evaluation, and replacement of all filters; Chemical cleaning

(4) Power-Washing Condenser and Indoor Coils: Core inspection and thorough flush-out and cleaning of condenser and coils.

(5) Belt Diagnostics: Inspection and testing of all fanbelts.

Systematic failures occur when a heating system is routinely ignored: carbon-dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions from cracked heat-exchangers are one example of a serious problem that can be avoided through routine inspection, analysis, and servicing. Don’t wait until that system becomes a problem—anticipate and save.

Your comfort is our concern. We respect your maintenance budget, and only perform the most necessary tailored work in direct consultation with you. Intelligent Comfort Solutions provides comprehensive reports that detail our observations, work performed that day, and a series of important recommendations for future action. We don’t push sales: we push customer satisfaction through honest, consistent, and reliable service.

Service Schedule A

Our comprehensive service strategy is comprised of a detailed sequential system of schedules.

Performance Review:A performance review is held with the Customer on an annual basis. Discussion includes the quality of work and suggestions for improvement. Items requiring attention are addressed in order of importance.

Reports: Each completed service call is documented in a contractor service-report. This report is provided to the customer as a record of the completed service detailing each performed task.

Scheduled Tasks: The service program is designed to provide continuing maintenance on the equipment listed in Schedule C. The tasks planned and scheduled are designed to provide for the long-term care of the customer’s equipment. Each service visit will be scheduled and prepared by the Contractor’s dispatch system. The Contractor schedule includes specific tasks for each piece of equipment required to maintain the system’s peak efficiency.

Maintenance: The run-time, use, and application of the equipment determines the equipment’s servicing frequency. This information, along with the manufacturer’s recommendations—and our comprehensive industry-leading experience—assures that the customer’s equipment receives the most cost-effective maintenance in the HVAC industry.

Repair and Replacement: The Contractor invoices for all labour, travel, and expenses to repair worn or failed parts and for the parts and components separate from this Agreement. The service agreement includes consumable materials such as lubricants, grease, cleaners, and clean-up materials. Replacement of parts and components is subject to the Owner’s approval and is invoiced separately.

Emergency Service: The Contractor is on call and provides all labour, travel, expenses, and parts and materials, twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. Emergency Service is invoiced separately.