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How a Variable Frequency Drive Will Cut HVAC Costs [Video]

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The related aspects of saving money and being energy efficient are important to take into consideration for any air-handling system in a commercial building. Reducing the amount of energy that your system uses to do its job will inevitably lead to cost savings. In fact, the cost of running heating and air systems – the cost of using energy – far outweighs the initial cost of the equipment.

A variable frequency drive is an ideal method for helping to control the expenditure of energy by your air-handling system. In as little as three years (depending on the size, scope, and other specifics of your commercial space), the variable frequency drive system can pay for itself.

Even small decreases in motor speed (and therefore, energy use) can result in substantial savings. As outlined in the following video, a speed reduction as low as 10% can yield 27% in cost savings.

This video, created by an energy and sustainability consulting firm, explains how the variable frequency drive works, and more importantly, how it cuts down on energy and costs.

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