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HVAC Maintenance Checklist: Air-Cooled Chiller Inspection

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hvac maintenanceIn HVAC,chillers are an important component in the cooling systems . The chiller removes warmth from the air, and can also be used for the purposes of cooling down equipment or machines in industrial buildings or medical facilities.

We previously posted an article on how to keep your water-cooled chiller running efficiently, but what about air-cooled chillers? If you have a packaged air-cooled chiller then the maintenance tasks will differ from a water-cooled unit.

We’re offering a detailed list of the maintenance tasks we complete for each part when we perform routine maintenance work for air-cooled chillers.

Air-Cooled Chiller Inspection and Maintenance Checklist(HVAC);

1)       Water inlet and outlet

  • Inspect and check for leaks

2)       Sump

  • Clean and inspect for corrosion

3)      Cooling Coil

  • Inspect and clean surfaces
  • Comb bent fins
  • Check for leaks and corrosion

4)      Zone Control Actuators

  • Inspect operation
  • Clean surfaces
  • Make adjustments as needed

5)      Compressor

  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Check crankcase heater
  • Check for oil and refrigerant leaks
  • Check oil levels and change oil as needed
  • Check for vibration
  • Observe the operating temperatures

6)      Condenser Coil

  • Clean fin surfaces and comb bent fins
  • Check for leaks or corrosion

7)      Condenser Fan

  • Clean any dirt accumulation
  • Lubricate bearings and check for wear
  • Check drive couplings and belts; adjust tightness of belts if necessary

8)      Electrical Disconnect

  • Inspect and clean contacts
  • Check for proper operation

9)      Exhaust Air Damper

  • Check for proper operation
  • Adjust and calibrate
  • Lubricate bearing

10)   Return Air Damper

  • Check for proper operation
  • Adjust and calibrate
  • Lubricate bearings

11)   Fresh Air Damper (Economizer)

  • Check for proper operation
  • Adjust and calibrate
  • Lubricate bearings

12)   Filter Dryer

  • Replace filters as needed


How often should you perform a full maintenance inspection on a chiller?

Using the checklist above, we recommend a complete checkup 4 times per year for chillers that are in use all year long, or 2 times per year for chillers that are in use during the cooling season only.

A check-up on your chiller can save on operating costs                               

Chillers are expensive to purchase so it’s a good idea to perform preventative maintenance on a regular basis to prevent equipment breakdowns and extend the lifespan of the equipment. Chillers often require more energy use than other pieces of heating and cooling equipment. By keeping up on routine inspections and adjustments you can improve the efficiency of your chiller and help keep your energy costs under control.


>>If the chiller unit in your building or facility hasn’t had maintenance work performed in over a year then give us a call. We will clean, adjust, calibrate, and replace any parts.

Dave Morrison is the General Manager at Intelligent Comfort Solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial HVAC maintenance, repair, installation, and indoor air quality improvement. He prides himself on finding the best HVAC solution for your business, and building a lasting relationship that your business can depend on. Dave is known for his open and honest communication and his friendly top notch customer service.

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