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Office Indoor Air Quality: 5 Ways to Improve IAQ [Part 3]

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Maintaining a clean and healthy office building is a top priority for many business owners or facility managers, but despite their efforts many offices continue to suffer from poor indoor air quality without being aware of it.

If you think your building has poor air circulation or questionable air quality then it’s a good idea to get your air tested. In the meantime there are steps you can take to be proactive and improve the IAQ in your building.

We’ve identified 5 ways you can improve your indoor air quality, or prevent air pollution from contaminant exposure.

1. Inspect and correct ventilation blockages

Office employees can tamper with vents or block airflow accidentally, and most may be unaware of their actions. Inform employees that blocked air vents and grilles reduce airflow and can negatively impact the indoor air quality levels. Move furniture or objects that block or obstruct air vents to increase air circulation. If your office has horizontal window vents then clear window ledges of any books, files, plants, or other items.

2. Adopt a scent ban policy

Most medical or healthcare centers have adopted a “scent-free” policy. Perfume, cologne, and other heavily scented beauty products can impact the quality of air we breathe, and many people have allergies to scents as well. By banning scented products you limit the amount of outside contaminants that enter the indoor environment. Consider banning office items such as whiteout or permanent markers that give off heavy fumes. Additionally, remove air fresheners; they only mask odors and release harmful chemicals into the air.

3. Prepare properly for building renovations

Building renovations can affect indoor air quality if the renovation designs do not account for the capacity of the existing HVAC system. If you plan on renovating your office space then have an experienced designer incorporate the capacity of the HVAC system in the layout. You may need to upgrade your equipment to handle an increased capacity.

4. Switch to a green cleaning program

It’s common for office buildings to use powerful commercial level cleaners, especially when it comes to scheduled floor or carpet cleanings. Heavily scented or harsh cleaning products release chemicals into the air, polluting the indoor environment. Switching to unscented products or naturally derived cleansers will make it easier for your employees to breathe. If your building is professionally cleaned then contact your cleaning service provider to change your products, most companies offer green cleaning alternatives.

5. Start a scheduled HVAC maintenance plan

Partnering with an HVAC service provider is the easiest and most effective way to improve your indoor air quality. Regular maintenance and testing will ensure that your IAQ is at a safe level that promotes employee productivity.

Make these changes around your office or facility and you can help improve the indoor air quality levels for the occupants in your building.

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Dave Morrison is the General Manager at Intelligent Comfort Solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial HVAC maintenance, repair, installation, and indoor air quality improvement. He prides himself on finding the best HVAC solution for your business, and building a lasting relationship that your business can depend on. Dave is known for his open and honest communication and his friendly top notch customer service.

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