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Do Office Space Heaters Warm Things Up?

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hvac maintenance problemsIt’s mid-December and the weather outside is frightful.  How is the climate inside your office building?

Chilly office employees often resort to using space heaters to warm up their workspace. But are plug-in heaters worth the energy costs? And do they really work?


The Cold Hard Truth

Space heaters send out a constant stream of heat, which often has to be adjusted throughout the day to match the user’s fluctuating temperature needs, and co-workers who share a space heater will have differing opinions on heat settings and comfort levels. The continual adjustments distract employees and lower productivity levels.  Another issue is that heaters may be left on at the end of the day, which will waste energy and pose a potential fire hazard.

Space heaters can save you money if you turn down your thermostat and selectively heat the room you currently occupy. This method can be cost effective for homeowners, but it doesn’t work the same way for large office buildings where dozens of space heaters are racking up electricity bills.

More importantly, if a space heater is near your thermostat then the heat it creates can trigger the heating system to shut off before the entire space has reached the desired temperature. This can cause managers to turn up the thermostat settings which will result in higher heating costs.


Warm Up to a Solution

Some space heaters are more efficient than others but the most cost effective method is to solve the heating issues from the source. Have a professional access the health and efficiency of your commercial heating system. A few small repairs or adjustments may be all that you need to warm up your office and banish those heaters to the storage closet.

By attending to the source of the problem you can use your cost savings from inefficient space heating and put it to work for you in the form of a heating maintenance plan. Regular HVAC maintenance will lower your building heating costs, improve the air quality in your office, and extend the life of your HVAC system.

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