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Why You Should Get a Home Inspection on a Condo

Comments Closed recently published an interesting article titled “Why You Should Get a Home Inspection on a Condo”. A major benefit of purchasing a condo is the low maintenance costs—but you need to make sure that your condo manager has properly cared for the building. The article highlights why you shouldn’t overlook a home inspection when you are purchasing a condo.

It is common for the condo board to be responsible for major building work such as the roof and HVAC system. Even if this is the case, it is still necessary to get a professional home inspector to take a look at your individual condo unit. It’s also important to find out about regular maintenance work schedules on the building before you put in an offer. You need to know who is responsible for attending to the furnace and air conditioning, how often they perform routine maintenance, and if they hire an HVAC professional to perform the maintenance. If your potential condo provides you with detailed information then you can avoid costly HVAC repairs or replacements in the future.

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